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So Much Fun Teaching

I taught a class at It was so much fun. They flew me out to Seattle, picked me up in a car, put me in a hotel. I had my own stylist! Hair and makeup! When one of the PAs asked me what kind of milk I wanted in my coffee, I totally blushed. The class was another thing. I tried hard on this and I think I nailed it. This is everything I know about how to tell a [...]

It’s Been So LONG

I always forget to update this blog and so, so much has changed. A year ago, I retired from Lip Service. It’s been a mix of emotions, I’m proud of my decision to move on. Lip Service was my identity for nine years, but I was ready. Now Lip Service is carrying on with the help of the Miami Book Fair. So it’s in good hands. As for me, I’m the host and teacher of the podcast Writing Class Radio. Click [...]

I’m the Star of Strangers Podcast

The creator of The Moth Radio Hour, Lea Thau, created a podcast that’s just as good as The Moth.  She interviewed me and turned my life story into something interesting. She’s showing the changes in families in the U.S. in the last twenty years.  And she made me sound smart and funny.  This woman’s a skilled storyteller.  Also, the podcast is really well produced. Click here on Strangers to listen. Here’s a picture of me getting pregnant.  I’m lucky, most [...]

Teaching Memoir in Guatemala

Hey, looking for adventurous, open, awesome students for a week-long writing intensive in Guatemala!  One of my favorite writing teachers, Joyce Maynard, invited me to set up a satellite workshop alongside hers.  It’s an offer I couldn’t refuse:  a week in paradise, boxes of wine, yoga, massages, and an intense week of writing.   February 15-26, 2013.  $2,000, includes transportation to and from airport, food, lodging, and writing workshops.  Check out Write by Lake Atitlan for pictures and details.  Joyce’s [...]

Story in

Got a story in  Here’s the picture.  This adorable girl is NOT Tashi.

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