Family Business, My Story in City Link Magazine

Click on City Link Magazine to read my story, Family Business.  This is the art that went with it.  

Lip Service is Part of Out in the Tropics

Because we’re all a little queer.  Get tickets NOW.   Featured storytelles: Andrea Askowitz, Nick Garnett, Chris Gilbert, Lisa Merritt, Jeanne Panoff, Adriana Paramo, David Rosenberg, and Andrea Zarchin.  Show’s gonna be awesome.

Seven-Year-Old Logic

Last night Tashi asked me what my Lip Service story was about. I said, “It was about how I had one idea about Miami and Mami Vicky had another idea.”   She said, “What idea?”   I said, “Well, when I moved to Miami, I thought no one here would really care about who was gay.”   Tashi said, “We’re gay, right?”   I said, “Well, I’m gay, because I love another woman.”   She said, “Why would anyone care [...]

Lip Service/Under the Sun was Like a Rock Concert

Last Saturday, Lip Service collaborated with WLRN’s Under the Sun and our show was like a rock concert.  Or like the musical Hair.  We got a standing ovation!  I thought the audience might rush the stage like they do at the end of Hair.  It was so much fun. Here’s my story.     This story is about what I learned from Victoria, but I also want to say that Victoria has learned a lot from me. Three weeks ago, [...]

Lip Service is this Saturday

Lip Service is teaming up with Under the Sun for a night of true stories and a behind the scenes experience of the making of a radio show.  Gettickets now. This is our biggest and best Lip Service production ever.  We’re going to sell out.   Storytellers:  Andrea Askowitz, Terence Cantarella, Aaron Curtis, Maria De Los Angeles, Robert Foote, Jeremy Glazer, Allison Langer, Esther Martinez, and Brenda Mezick.

Lip Service is Going on the Radio!

Lip Service has teamed up with WLRN’s Under the Sun.  We’re taping the show for a live broadcast at the magnificentMiracle Theater.  So if you have a TRUE, personal story that tells us something about life in South Florida and you want to tell it in front of a live audience and a radio audience, send it to   Show date:  April 23, 2011   Submission deadline:  April 1, 2011   Submissions can be attached as a Word document or pasted [...]

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,   Thank you for parenting me.  As I remember, childhood was pretty good. You were attentive and sweet mostly and while I don’t remember making sculptures out of popsicle sticks or homemade Play-Doh, I do remember  getting lots of your attention.  How did you do it for so many years?   I am having trouble right now.  To be frank, Tashi is bugging the shit out of me.  And Sebastian is a monster.  But the real problem is [...]

Mama Bear

Look what Victoria did when Sebastian got his leg caught in the crib.  She doesn’t even know Karate.

Lip Service has Moved to September 25

The new deadline for Lip Service stories is September 8, 2010.  Sorry about the change.

My Latest Lip Service Piece: Fears