Monthly Archives: August 2009

A Hug, A Kiss, A Bicycle

The other day Tashi said, “If I’m really good, can I have a hug or a kiss or a bicycle?” I tried that line on my dad and guess what I got.

Maira Kalman is One of the Five People I Would Invite to Dinner

I just like her. Read this essay about the beauty and complexity of America. Because everyone I know was (or is) an immigrant. It has plenty of pictures, like I like. Here’s one of Ponce de Leon. Click on Ponce to get to the essay.

Ted Kennedy Dies and Tashi Misses Friends from School

I opened the New York Times website this morning to see that Ted Kennedy died. That’s so sad.  He was probably the most progressive legislator we’ve ever had.  And Obama called him “the greatest United States Senator of our time.” That’s huge. In my world, Tashi started kindergarden.  All seemed smooth until going to bed last night.  She was already tucked in when I heard sobs from her bead room.  She cried hard.  She said she missed her friends from [...]

Interviewed on this Site

Hey, there’s a new website called  It seems really cool because they did an audio interview with meeeee!  Check it out today!

Met a Funny Guy

I’m sorry to report that Wind in Your Vagina is no longer a blog.  That is the nature of blogs.  They come and go.  It was a goody while it lasted.  So now I recommend another blog, having nothing to do with wind.  It’s called  Watch a few of the vlogs and learn some valuable tips about what you can accomplish with baking soda.  Any baking soda will do.  Enjoy!

Home from Trip

Thank you for not stealing any of our valuables while we were gone.  I say that, I mean, I make a big deal out of how nice it is to come home to all of our stuff because just about a month ago TWO of our bicycles got stolen.  We didn’t even have to leave town to lose our bikes.  But I’m not bitching about the stolen bikes, this is really a note of gratitude to everyone who didn’t steal [...]

Vacation Time

We’re in New Hampshire with cooler weather until August 15th.  I’m so happy.  But if you’re planning to steal any bicycles, listen, they’re already stolen.  Also Beast will be here, guarding the house.  Beware!