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Come See Me and Support Lauren’s Light

Hello anyone who reads my blog.  I want to ask you for a special favor. I’m the host of a really cool fundraiser for an organization that is close to my heart–Lauren’s Light.  Lauren’s Light was founded in 2002 after the death of one of my best friends, Lauren Feinswog Millin.  Lauren died of cancer at 33.  She had two small children. Now Lauren’s Light gives support to families with small children, in which a parent has cancer. On October [...]

Comparing Children

They say you should never compare your children. I made this chart of their first year’s progress.

Lip Service this Saturday

Lip Service is back and we got press!  Check out and read about how Lip Service has become the hottest, smartest, most honest literary event in South Florida. I’m so proud of Lip Service.  Really, I think it’s great.  Eight stories, eight minutes each by all different kinds of people with a story. Come to the next Lip Service and see what I’m talking about.  Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009.  @ Books & Books in Coral Gables.

I Wish I had Drawn this First

That’s clearly a picture of Victoria and me with Sebastian sleeping between us.  I’m the one on the left with the feet in my face, except usually the feet are on top of my face. This essay, Good Night and Tough Luck by Christoph Niemann is on the NY Times website today and it’s so good.  Christoph tells it like it is:  ”After weeks of sweet-talking, serenading, and heartbreaking Ferberizing, we think we have reclaimed our bed.  Until a short trip or [...]

Is that You?

My friend Andrea Stern asked me if this was me…

What Happened to My Budha Baby?

Sebastian is seven and a half months old, but has entered a new phase, which is a total regression. He sleeps like a newborn—nursing every three hours. Victoria’s been bringing him to the bed, if he sleeps in his crib at all, and sleeping with a giant, 21 pound baby who thrashes all night, is not cozy like one might imagine. We’re exhausted. I’m starting to think he’s taking advantage of us. I would have scoffed at this idea a [...]

Growing Up

Sebastian at 7 months.