Monthly Archives: December 2009

If I Were Her Age, I’d Want to be Friends

Today while Tashi and I were walking home from Sophie’s house, because Tashi had a sleepover, she told me she watched Peter Pan, the real movie, which meant it had actors instead of animation. I asked which she liked better, cartoons or real people and she said, “That’s a hard one.” She told me Peter Pan was very sad. I asked why and she stopped walking. She said, “Peter came to the window and Wendy was having a party.” Her [...]

Big Step

Sebastian took a step yesterday. To the side. He stood with his hands out, not holding on. He stepped to the left with his left foot. His right foot followed. Then he sat down. He is 11 months and 13 days old. He’s a big boy.

For Posterity, the Princess Phase is Over

Dear Posterity, I realize I’ve been writing post-it notes about the fun or cool or noteworthy things that have been going on lately and not writing them down anywhere, except on post-it notes.  So right now, on the day after Christmas, while my family is at a kid’s birthday party and I am home alone because Victoria took the kids and gave me a pass, I will write them down. 1.  Tashi gave away all her Princess possessions.  The princess [...]

I Didn’t Even Pay This Guy!

My Miserable, Lonely,Pregnancy got on someone’s top 10 list for 2009!   I’m there with Dave Eggers and some guy who won the Booker Prize!!!  See below or go to ShelfAWARENESS.  My Mis would make a great stocking stuffer!

Tonight at Wachovia Bank

Not as exciting sounding as THE IMPROV, but that’s where I’m gonna be telling stories and raising funds tonight.  Don’t miss it.  Wachovia Bank, 2555 Ponce, Coral Gables.  6:30 pm. $35 for the Women’s Fund.  Includes booze and food. This was my last show, performing with William “Rock the House” Lewis.  Here he is wrapping his belly with raffle tickets for Lauren’s Light.  Twice around William’s belly for $100.  What a deal!

Storytelling for a Cause