Monthly Archives: April 2011

Seven-Year-Old Logic

Last night Tashi asked me what my Lip Service story was about. I said, “It was about how I had one idea about Miami and Mami Vicky had another idea.”   She said, “What idea?”   I said, “Well, when I moved to Miami, I thought no one here would really care about who was gay.”   Tashi said, “We’re gay, right?”   I said, “Well, I’m gay, because I love another woman.”   She said, “Why would anyone care [...]

Lip Service/Under the Sun was Like a Rock Concert

Last Saturday, Lip Service collaborated with WLRN’s Under the Sun and our show was like a rock concert.  Or like the musical Hair.  We got a standing ovation!  I thought the audience might rush the stage like they do at the end of Hair.  It was so much fun. Here’s my story.     This story is about what I learned from Victoria, but I also want to say that Victoria has learned a lot from me. Three weeks ago, [...]

Lip Service is this Saturday

Lip Service is teaming up with Under the Sun for a night of true stories and a behind the scenes experience of the making of a radio show.  Gettickets now. This is our biggest and best Lip Service production ever.  We’re going to sell out.   Storytellers:  Andrea Askowitz, Terence Cantarella, Aaron Curtis, Maria De Los Angeles, Robert Foote, Jeremy Glazer, Allison Langer, Esther Martinez, and Brenda Mezick.