Monthly Archives: April 2019

No. 41: Why Did the Republicans Get the Flag and Jesus?

I’m a progressive, lesbian, Jewish, American, Democrat. I don’t like ascribing to stereotypes, but I look the part. I wear jeans and T-shirts. I live in Miami, so most days I wear flip-flops. I have curly, graying hair and black-rimmed glasses. I think most people who know me, or know of me, can guess my political persuasion. Last week, I did an experiment: I wore a flag baseball cap for a day. First thing in the morning, I came out [...]

No. 40: I Want to Love My Country

A few years ago, the power went out in South Miami. My son went to the Bilingual Coop Preschool and I was there volunteering with a few other moms. We opened the doors and let the kids run around the playground. One of the moms, Maria Alejandra, a Venezuelan who had just moved to Miami, called Florida Power and Light, typed in our zip code on her phone keypad, and listened to their outgoing message. She announced to the group [...]

No. 39: How to Let Go of Feelings of Failure and Achieve Success

I got an email newsletter from a writer friend Annwho you’ve probably never heard of because she’s a solo-show performer. She’s one of the best performers I’ve ever seen. She had a show produced Off-Broadway by Ann Bancroft, but then Ann Bancroft died during production and that got in the way of my Ann’s success. Ann’s newsletter was titled, “Letting Go.” That drew me in because I thought someone had died. But no, she meant letting go of her idea of [...]