Andrea Askowitz

Author & Teacher

Lip Service/Under the Sun was Like a Rock Concert

Last Saturday, Lip Service collaborated with WLRN’s Under the Sun and our show was like a rock concert.  Or like the musical Hair.  We got a standing ovation!  I thought the audience might rush the stage like they do at the end of Hair.  It was so much fun.

Here’s my story.



This story is about what I learned from Victoria, but I also want to say that Victoria has learned a lot from me. Three weeks ago, we were at a family gathering.  All of Victoria’s relatives were there and Victoria introduced me to all her old-lady relatives, to everyone, including a priest as her pareja. Pareja means spouse.  Victoria’s brother overheard her introduce me to the priest, pulled Victoria aside and said, “Why do you have to flaunt your sexuality?”


Victoria said, “She is my spouse.  Wouldn’t you introduce your spouse as your spouse?”


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