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No. 24: Oversharing on Facebook Can Lead to Good

photo by Jason Rosewell on UnsplashA few weeks ago, I posted something on Facebook. My mom wrote in the comments, “Would you like it if your mom was as forthcoming as you? Asking for a friend.”

I wrote a story about letting a man go inside me without wearing a condom and why, after years of advocating for safer-sex, and even after coming out as a lesbian, I would let that happen. Then I posted the story on Facebook. It’s not the most embarrassing thing in the world, but my mom thought it was an overshare.

My story was not just about how I accommodated one man, but about the way women accommodate men all the time. Besides my mom, most people were supportive. My friend Elizabeth wrote in the comments, “This story is a public service. We need to look at all the ways women have been conditioned to accommodate.”

I felt validated, like the world was giving me a high-five. And then friends started to challenge me. How can you blame men? How can you accuse women of being passive? (READ FULL ESSAY HERE…)



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