Andrea Askowitz

Author & Teacher

No. 39: How to Let Go of Feelings of Failure and Achieve Success


I got an email newsletter from a writer friend Annwho you’ve probably never heard of because she’s a solo-show performer. She’s one of the best performers I’ve ever seen. She had a show produced Off-Broadway by Ann Bancroft, but then Ann Bancroft died during production and that got in the way of my Ann’s success.

Ann’s newsletter was titled, “Letting Go.” That drew me in because I thought someone had died. But no, she meant letting go of her idea of success. She was performing her show in a local church, so she wrote, “I finally let go of that part of me that defined my success on the legitimacy of the venue, the amount of $$$ I was making, and WHO might be in the audience. And in letting go, I stepped onto the stage/altar, and I gave the best show of my life.”

I read that and was like, “Letting go, my ass.” I love Ann and know her to be true to her word, so I realize that’s just me right there being jealous, not of Ann’s success, but of her ability to let go of the idea of success. READ FULL ESSAY HERE