My mom has spent her entire adult life volunteering for the Democratic Party. She’s also an artist and was also very active in the women’s movement. She was the president of the local chapter of National Organization for Women and the head of the Miami Women’s History Coalition. She campaigned for equal pay for equal […]


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I’m going on two hours in the waiting room at the pediatrician’s office when I send my wife an angry text, “Waiting for the pediatrician is NOT what I envisioned for my life.” Victoria is at work. She’s a financial advisor at a prominent firm. She texts me back, “You are the most beautiful and sexy mommy.” Feels good for […]



Several years ago I went to the California Cryobank’s Web site to buy sperm. I was single and a lesbian and wanted to have a baby. I’d always wanted a family and dreamed of creating one with a partner, but I’d proved to be a love loser. When it didn’t work out with anybody, including […]


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Besides the usual things that get in the way of good sex — kids and busy lives — Victoria and I also have to worry about lesbian bed death. / Lesbian bed death is a common affliction caused by the lack of testosterone in lesbian relationships. Some people think homosexuality is the gateway drug to freaky […]

No. 50: Year in Review

A year ago, I turned 50. A few days before that, I saw a quote on Twitter attributed to Ray Bradbury, the author of Fahrenheit 451. He said, “Write a short story every week for a year. It’s not possible to write 52 bad stories in a row.” I didn’t see myself as someone who gave […]

No. 48: There Are No Permanent Conditions

|Luck| My mom has cancer now. I say “now” because six months ago my brother had cancer. He was lucky. He had thyroid cancer, which everyone says is the good cancer. They cut out his thyroid and some lymph nodes. Then three days of solitary confinement after swallowing radioactive iodine and he was cured. Friday […]

No. 47: 125 Years Ago I Found a Women’s Organization

I was invited by the National Council of Jewish Women to speak at their annual meeting as Hannah G. Solomon, the woman who founded this progressive organization 125 years ago. I learned about Hannah’s life and struggles and this is how I told her story: Thank you for inviting me here. It’s been so long. […]

No. 46: What Happened to My Principles?

I think I have principles and then I sell out under the slightest provocation. I want to live car-free and did for six months when I was 28 and living in Los Angeles. When I tell people this, they’re impressed because it meant biking great distances to get anywhere. Truth was, I was jobless at […]