Andrea Askowitz

Author & Teacher

Sucky World Sometimes

My friend, Janet, called me yesterday pissed off because the Democtrats have no backbone. She’s a reporter. She deals with this stuff all the time. She was spitting mad, I could hear it in the way she said hello. For a second I thought she was mad at me.

“Did you hear what the House passed on the healthcare reform?” She knows I don’t pay enough attention to the news and this bothers her, but when I said no she continued without saying anything about my living under a rock.

“The democrats are frickin’ weak. I swear I’m starting to respect the Republicans. At least they stick to principal. Democrats are lame. They set the bar so low.

“Democrats actually voted for the bill because it excludes abortion. Government-subsidized insurance will NOT cover abortion. This is the biggest setback for women in a long, long time.
“The problem is all the hateful people who want what we don’t want are so organized. Hoards of people show up in Congress with blood and fetuses on their bodies. They lobby. They raise money. What is wrong with women’s organizations? As far as I’m concerned, they’ve lost.

“And Nancy Pellosi, the Democratic Female Speaker of the House, she needs to be voted out. What good is she? Okay she fought against banning abortion, but she failed. No one followed her. She is not a leader. She sucks!

“There were no Democrats who had the guts or the intelligence to say, you know what, imposing morality on healthcare is wrong! NO one did that effectively.”

“Oh shit,” I said.

“There’s this Democtratic Florida congresswoman, Suzanne Kosmas, who didn’t vote for the bill because she’s afraid she won’t get reelected. She’s a democrat!”

“Maybe she disagreed with the abortion ban?”

“NO, that’s not it. She’s cow-towing to her conservative constituency. I want to call her up. I want to say, what are you doing in Congress? Do you care about actually doing something or just getting reelected?”

“Call her,” I said. “Yes, ask her that.”

Janet got another call and hung up without saying goodbye.