Andrea Askowitz

Author & Teacher

What’s in a Name?

Before Sebastian was born I asked Tashi if she’d want to call Victoria Mami if the baby called her Mami.  She said yes.  

The baby doesn’t talk yet, but Victoria and I have been all over the place trying to name each other.  She wants Mami.  So I went with Mama.  The problem is, we can’t ever remember to call each other that in front of the kids.  And Tashi already calls me Mami, so when she calls out Mami and Victoria comes running, Tashi really means me. 

This morning I asked Tashi again what she and her brother will call us when he can talk.  We batted around a few ideas.  I said, “How about Tushi Mami for Victoria, because Victoria has a big butt, and Curly Mami for me, because I have curly hair?”   

Tashi said, “Tushi Mami can be a little embarrassing,” and we both laughed. 

“How about Mami and Mami and if we need to decide, Mami Vicky and Mami Andrea?” Tashi said. 

Smart kid.