No. 31: Brain at Work


I’m up early-ish, 9:15. Kids are on winter vacation so no alarms. I’m re-working a story about how, at 50, my brain is going to shit; how I can’t focus and can’t remember things the way I used to. An editor at an online magazine asked for a re-write. She wants me to explore why losing my mind scares me.

Hello, because it’s my mind! But I see her point. A story needs more.

Iwrite about how in my 30s I directed a nonprofit organization and balanced our books in my head. I didn’t need to keep a calendar. I remembered every date and activity.

Last month, I missed two orthodontist appointments. I had them written in my calendar, I just forgot to look. When the receptionist called, I had no excuse.

I need to eat. Sebastian is all over me in the kitchen. He wants a mango smoothie. I say I’ll make the smoothie if he’ll get off the computer and watch a movie in Spanish. (READ FULL ESSAY HERE…)

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