Andrea Askowitz

Author & Teacher

It’s Been So LONG

I always forget to update this blog and so, so much has changed. A year ago, I retired from Lip Service. It’s been a mix of emotions, I’m proud of my decision to move on. Lip Service was my identity for nine years, but I was ready. Now Lip Service is carrying on with the help of the Miami Book Fair. So it’s in good hands.

As for me, I’m the host and teacher of the podcast Writing Class Radio. Click that link for podcast episodes, daily writing prompts, craft talks, and everything fun about writing. I LOVE IT. A podcast is a radio show you can listen to at any time. On Writing Class Radio you’ll hear true, personal stories from the students in the class plus a little about how to write your own stories. It’s so good, really. You can listen directly from the website or download on your phone from iTunes and listen whenever/where ever you want. If you’ve never listened to a podcast, you are in for a wonderful, totally intimate, storytelling experience. ENJOY!

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