Andrea Askowitz

Author & Teacher

My Mis is Getting Good Attention

Personalizedbabybook’s Blog reviewed My Miserable, Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy today. And they got me. Whoever wrote the review was sure to warn, “Prepare to get sick of Askowitz’s whining.”  Why do they always say I was whining?  Ew, there I did it again.  Okay, but this review also said, “Prepare to laugh uproariously at very simple moments.”


And because you might not click the link, here’s what else it said:  ”This memoir has roots, and will make you laugh as well as cry as it goes from  childhood to death to birth and circles through the three. I’m glad Askowitz didn’t try to soften any of her edges, because her sadness, flashes of anger, moments of self-pity and doubt coincide perfectly with her humor and faith in the future and her child.  AND YOU DON”T NEED TO BE A LESBIAN OR PREGNANT TO ENJOY IT.”  (My bold).


Thank you Personalizedbabybooks.