Andrea Askowitz

Author & Teacher

Morning Report

I was looking at Tashi’s skin this morning.  It’s perfect:  tan, smooth and silky.  Not freckly like mine.  I said to Victoria, “Tashi must have gotten her skin from the donor.”

Tashi said, “Who’s my donor?”

I said, “We don’t know him, remember?  You’ve seen his picture, from when he was a little boy.”

Tashi said, “I want to see his picture from when he was a man.”

I said, “Me too, but we can’t.  He donated anonymously.”

Tashi said, “Who’s the girls’ donor?”

I said, “Uncle Tony.  But he’s not a donor.  He’s their dad.  We have a donor because we needed a man to give me the sperm so that I could get pregnant.”

She said, “Do you like purple nail polish?”

I said, “I love it.”